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Aesr2007 cover 150w b491f7cdbdda8ab0b835762c63b12c5264956b67f634920f394438b44fa4b154
2007 African Elephant Status Report
J.J. Blanc, R.F.W. Barnes, G.C. Craig, H.T. Dublin, C.R. Thouless, I. Douglas-Hamilton, and J.A. Hart
Aesr2002 cover 150w 59ac1d0421ff6b6b826a21d190069b5eb2652e00ad8e85ae9e1abb32e937a2d6
2002 African Elephant Status Report
J.J. Blanc, C.R. Thouless, J.A. Hart, H.T. Dublin, I. Douglas-Hamilton, G.C. Craig and R.F.W. Barnes
Aesr1998 cover 150w 202406119109ee8c3f2439bad2db1728fa6bc3279dd11297d27c88fb289e364b
1998 African Elephant Status Report
R.F.W. Barnes, G.C. Craig, H.T. Dublin, G. Overton, W. Simons and C.R. Thouless
Aesr1995 cover 150w 8eb95216a267b647179c8cd8ee07a11ba97165c976e754c117aac9964d0fa7dc
1995 African Elephant Status Report
M.Y. Said, R.N. Chunge, G.C. Craig, C.R. Thouless, R.F.W. Barnes and H.T. Dublin

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