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Population Survey

Loxodonta africana
African Elephant
Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by, last updated 03/04/2012
Gonarezhou National Park and surrounds
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7112 km²
Dry season
247 transects
Recorded at stratum level
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Communal lands
1987 km²
This report contains data from the aerial sample count carried out in September 2009 of Gonarezhou National Park and surrounds.
Source: Dunham, K.M., van der Westhuizen, E., van der Westhuizen, H.F. and Gandiwa, E. (2010). ‘Aerial survey of elephants and other large herbivores in Gonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe), Zinave National Park (Mozambique) and surrounds: 2009'. Gonarezhou Conservation Project.